[Pixel Art Tutorial] Mutant Monster

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Jan 19, 2009
Here i am showing you how to create a Mutant Monster. This does NOT mean that this tutorial can't be used only for mutant monsters. You can follow it step by step and still create something cute or an animal etc.

Difficulty: 3/5

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1] Start with the lineart, just use a black outline for that. Since we are making a Mutant Monster you should start with a human-like lineart and then transform it to your likings. The lineart is what noone can help you with since it's YOUR imagination and YOUR skills to draw it. So practise a lot.

Now you have to choose a darker color of the main color you want to use for your monster and draw the inner lines with it. In this piece it's the face and the muscles.

Step three is simple. Just fill everything with its main colors. Try to choose colors wich are easy for the human eye. Nothing too bright and shiny and not too dark to seperate from the other colors.

We still need some shading to complete the monster. First of all draw a line with your shading color on the inner side of the outlines. Here I have chosen the lightsource to come from the upper right corner. This means that the parts of the monster wich are on the most left bottom side have to be a little bit darker then the rest of the colors. This applies to all body parts. The knees got a highlighted color. In This step you also can add details to the monster. I have added the scar with the stitches on the monsters face and edited the mouth a little bit.

So all in all your pixel art mutant is done but to make it even better you cann change the shading to dithered shading. Pay attention on dithering. It's not easy.