Easi Engine: JS Engine Library!

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Jun 30, 2018

Introducing a new JS game engine, designed to make coding a game on JS really Easi!
Easi Engine allows you to make cross platform browser games for free!

is Easi an MMO game engine?

No (for now) Easi engine is my first JS engine. This is being made to hone my JS skills, learn more on engine development so in the future, I can hopefully make something a lot more powerful! Too lazy to read: It’s a singleplayer engine

what are Easi’s limitations?
None! Easi Engine provides “building blocks” to make a simple game but if there’s something you want to add to it, you can always edit the source!

Do I need Visual Basic 6 to edit the source?
No Visual Basic 6 here! You can easily edit the source with any text editor, EVEN NOTEPAD!

But does it have a pet system?
like a great man once said, Yes! You can make your own pet system! Just plug in a script, and vioala!

Can I make my game with notepad?

Is Easi open source?
Easy Engine is completely open source, you can edit the engine however you want!

is Easi compatible with other frameworks like Phaser?
Easi should be easily compatible with other frameworks/libraries but not tested yet!

How does Easi look like?
Easi currently has no UI, but there are plans for one!

How do I download Easi?
Easi is not released yet! But when it is, you can download it straight from github!

But Solid! A library isn’t a game engine!
I know…

Solid where are the screenshots?
It’s comin soon
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