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  • Lunar Engine v0.2.6 is out now! Download and check it out here. The map editor is also now fixed!
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    Fair enough.
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    This topic has gone a bit off topic I would say.
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    Windows 7 RTM

    Yeh i got Windows 7 installed its AMAZING! Easy to get use to, not like vista when it asked u every time u open a file are you sure you want to do that? and it also can use all applications thank god.
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    Post Your Steam

    took my friends account, Jerlin07
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    Offline Editors

    OK I have edited the Post I have put in Spell Editor and Item editor. Me and Sperot will be putting in Npc and Shop editor later on this week. Here is the link to download <!-- m --><a class="postlink"...
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    Display Sprites on Character Create

    I got the same error what was causing it because i am using a fresh MS3.
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    More Tiles in MapEditor

    Re do the tutorial , or reopen your project and do it again. that should work unless there is another bit to the tutorial which I doubt.
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    Simple Password Generator

    Thanks Robin.I do take your advice =)
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    Simple Password Generator

    =) thanks, Robin told me to mess around with Mirage so I did and came up with that, hope you all like.
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    Simple Password Generator

    0/5 SUPER EASY Right, Well this is my 1st proper coded by me tutorial. Adding The generator to New account Go to FrmNewAccount add a a label and a text box below password and then call the label lblGen and call the textbox txtGen ------------------- Example Password| :______:<-----text box...
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    adding new commands...

    im sure of it being client side. =)
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    adding new commands...

    No problem :)
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    adding new commands...

    Yes that would go in any Module in the Client Side. I would put it either in ModGameLogic or either ModGeneral.
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    How the fuck did you finish it before me i was like half way through
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    AoE spells

    Im wondering If anyone would help me or show me how to add a AoE spell Which travels across more than 1 tile on the map.